"I have been a patient of Dr. Bunning for over two years. I first got in touch with the doctor for my headaches and lower back pain.

After we talked I got x-rays done, and we talked about a plan for a year's commitment. It was to improve my overall mobility for my neck and back. It included exercise, adjustments, and traction.

I am happy to say I have completed my program, and my lower back and neck are much better. I very rarely have headaches anymore. Dr. Bunning has taught me how to stretch the right way exercising, and to keep my adjustments going so my vertebrae stay fluid.

I have tried several products he has recommended. My favorite is the Histo X for relief of headaches and congestion without drugs.

I highly recommend Dr. Bunning for your chiropractic needs. The office is professional, fun, upbeat, and non-pressure."


I have wanted to express my satisfaction and thankfulness for your repeatedly successful care of my problems...I am amazed at the results I have had with various problems over time. My dramatic improvement with back/leg pain of 20 years has changed my life.

You quickly assessed the subluxed tarsal that complicated my recovery from an ankle sprain and repositioned it, resolving several months of problems walking on it.

And if successful treatment is not enough, I should say that it has always been a pleasure to come to your office. Interacting with you, your wife, and your employees has always been a pleasure. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes, which I hardly consider waiting. As a physician, I was always apologizing for people's significant waits, which they almost always had. So I know staying on time doesn't happen without intent and effort.

Your casual, relaxed, friendly manner disguises your deeper understanding, intent, and skill.

I cannot recommend you enough to anyone who may have musculo-skeletal problems, mechanically related structural issues. I also trust that you would have wise or cautious advice on other problems and refer what I needed. I certainly would trust your honesty and good intent."