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With a hands-on approach that includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment, we are trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises, as well as nutritional and lifestyle counseling to improve the quality of your life.

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We offer telehealth nutrition and functional medicine sessions to keep accessible with your busy lifestyle.

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Our synergistic root cause approach to improving your quality of sleep focuses on:


Chiropractic care and world-famous spinal adjustments are the foundation of boosting your spine's overall health, helping to improve the nervous system function. This hands-on approach is beneficial for increasing whole-body comfort and relaxation to contribute to improved sleep.


Functional Medicine optimizes all modifiable factors of health, including blood sugar, infections, gut health, proper digestion, mitochondrial energy, hormones, and more. Achieving holistic equilibrium in life can balance the sleep rhythm cycle in your body.

Our synergistic root cause approach to improving mobility focuses on:


Regular Chiropractic care improves overall posture and function. Optimal joint mobility is achieved when combining these treatments with targeted exercises to restore soft tissue flexibility and strength.


Our Functional Medicine approach focuses on critical Modifiable Factors of health, with the goal of reducing overall inflammation. People of all ages find that inflammation management helps restore flexibility and mobility in both the spine and extremities.

Our synergistic root cause approach to reduce pain & inflammation focuses on:


Specific Chiropractic adjustments aim at restoring normal joint and spine mechanics. These methods decrease the production of inflammatory chemicals, which leads to reduced pain and inflammation.


Functional medicine spurs positive lifestyle changes to create overall health and wellness. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, we target the root cause of pain and inflammation – which naturally helps with symptom reduction.

Our synergistic root cause approach to stabilize blood sugar focuses on:


Chiropractic care improves posture and overall Central Nervous System function. As a result, these adjustments can lead to improved cell-to-cell communication and potentially improve the insulin/glucose cycle to stabilize blood sugar.


Functional Medicine gets to the core of the relationship between blood sugar and insulin working together to support your energy and health. Our Lifestyle Medicine Pillars of Health can help improve blood sugar stability and overall wellness.

Our synergistic root cause approach to reduce stress focuses on:


Chiropractic care can impact brain function and a healthy nervous system. Specific adjustments help by improving your “rest, relax and digest” system, leading to the management of the body’s innate fight-or-flight stress response.


Specific Functional Medicine practices can reduce stress, helping you achieve your best self each day. Reducing stress in this day and age can be a significant challenge, which is why proactive stress management is essential for optimal health.

Our synergistic root cause approach to better brain function focuses on:


The Chiropractic model addresses how structure determines function. Specific adjustments can enhance brain plasticity. This growth not only minimizes brain fog but also leads to improved thinking, memory, and motivation.


Through Functional Medicine, you can prioritize key lifestyle factors that optimize brain, thyroid, and hormone control essential for positive thinking. This approach gets to the foundation of optimal brain health.

Our synergistic root cause approach to balancing hormones focuses on:


Chiropractic care studies confirm the positive impact of adjustments to benefit the entire nervous system. Creating alignment can increase widespread hormone changes throughout the body.


The Functional Medicine approach is multi-faceted to address the root cause of hormone imbalance. We start with Personalized Lifestyle interventions, then augment the results with botanicals or supplements to optimize hormone cycles.

Our synergistic root cause approach to building strength focuses on:


Regular chiropractic care is an essential step to building a healthy, more resilient posture. This functional alignment enhances brain function and promotes a healthy, more confident sense of well-being.


Our Functional Medicine Lifestyle factors work synergistically to help you feel stronger. Implementation and consistency in this holistic approach lead to a physical, mental, and emotional strength you haven’t felt in years.


Lifestyle Medicine

Holistic Solutions for a Thriving Life

The future of health is about more than just treating symptoms—it's about partnering with patients to promote thriving lives. Our goal is to shift focus from sick-care to holistic health creation by looking at foundational habits for overall wellness. We tap into the resilience of the body and optimize lifestyle factors for long-lasting health. Lifestyle medicine uses evidence-based interventions to address root causes of disease, improve conditions, and prevent illness.
  • Foundation habits for health & wellness
  • Resilience of the human body
  • Optimize key lifestyle factors
  • Evidence-based behavioral interventions
  • Address root causes of chronic diseases
  • Principles for preventing disease

Physical Activity

Healthy Eating

Restorative Sleep

Stress Management

Avoiding Risky Substances

Social Connection

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