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Modern Chiropractic Part 3: Low Back Alignment and Your Overall Health

READ PART 2 In the first two parts of this blog series, we covered important details that everyone needs to know – about how chiropractic care is much more than musculoskeletal support. Don’t wait until you are experiencing back or neck pain before visiting with a chiropractor! 21st Century Chiropractic Care The truth is that…
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4 At-Home Workouts to Stay Fit While Gyms Are Closed

Just because the gyms are closed, doesn’t mean that you need to be cooped up living the “couch potato” lifestyle at home. Physical fitness can be integrated into your daily lifestyle, making it easy to maintain a fit body regardless of your access to a public gym. How Exercise Supports Your Health How are you…
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5 Ways to Build Better Posture

Posture and alignment problems are becoming an increasing issue in our modern society. People of all ages are suffering from “text neck” and other related spinal issues because of the slouching and poor posture when using the computer or a mobile device. Maintaining a good posture is essential to maintaining good body function, and it…
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Inflammation and Obesity Are the Real Pandemic

Everywhere you turn, there are news headlines and conversations about the dangers of the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed our reality – having a far-reaching effect on every aspect of our lives. But is the virus the real pandemic? When we look at the bigger picture, it’s easy to see that many people are missing the…
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5 Natural Strategies to Improve Gut Health

Everyone knows that digestion happens in the gut, but most people are unaware that this function affects immunity and disease. When your gut health is impaired, it can take a toll on your overall health – often leading to chronic illness and uncomfortable symptoms throughout the body. In fact, there is often the occurrence of…
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Chiropractic & Motor Vehicle Accidents: What You Need to Know About Recovery

The impact of a car accident can change your life in an instant, causing serious injury to people of all ages. Whether it’s a fender bender or a major crash, it takes time to recover so you can get back to your everyday lifestyle. Annually, an estimated 6 million car accidents happen in the United…
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