"I have been a patient of Dr. Bunning for over two years. I first got in touch with the doctor for my headaches and lower back pain.


After we talked I got x-rays done, and we talked about a plan for a year's commitment. It was to improve my overall mobility for my neck and back. It included exercise, adjustments, and traction.


I am happy to say I have completed my program, and my lower back and neck are much better. I very rarely have headaches anymore. Dr. Bunning has taught me how to stretch the right way exercising, and to keep my adjustments going so my vertebrae stay fluid.


I have tried several products he has recommended. My favorite is the Histo X for relief of headaches and congestion without drugs.


I highly recommend Dr. Bunning for your chiropractic needs. The office is professional, fun, upbeat, and non-pressure."

- Christine Barenchi

"I literally stumbled in here after hurting my back. Dr. Todd taught me how important food and water is to my body. He [Dr. Todd] changed my life."

- Will Esway

"I have been with Dr. Todd for over 14 years. I have been through a number of things to help the pain I my back and Dr. Todd has helped me with my back issues."

- Vance Lancaster

"I never felt like chiropractors listen to my problems. Dr Todd listens and helps create a long term plan."

- Anne & Gina Musso

"I have had trauma in my life. I was in law enforcement for 10 years and have had some pains from my job. Dr. Todd has helped me with different techniques and stretching."

- Patrick Brown

"Dr. Todd has taught me how to relax through different techniques. His methods have taught me to reenergize my life."

- Nick Tziavaras

"I have been seeing Dr Todd for over 10 year. He has changed my life and having him treat my kids and keep them healthy is so important to me."

- The Harvey's

I have wanted to express my satisfaction and thankfulness for your repeatedly successful care of my problems...I am amazed at the results I have had with various problems over time. My dramatic improvement with back/leg pain of 20 years has changed my life.

You quickly assessed the subluxed tarsal that complicated my recovery from an ankle sprain and repositioned it, resolving several months of problems walking on it.

And if successful treatment is not enough, I should say that it has always been a pleasure to come to your office. Interacting with you, your wife, and your employees has always been a pleasure. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes, which I hardly consider waiting. As a physician, I was always apologizing for people's significant waits, which they almost always had. So I know staying on time doesn't happen without intent and effort.

Your casual, relaxed, friendly manner disguises your deeper understanding, intent, and skill.

I cannot recommend you enough to anyone who may have musculo-skeletal problems, mechanically related structural issues. I also trust that you would have wise or cautious advice on other problems and refer what I needed. I certainly would trust your honesty and good intent."

- Nancy Gilbert, MD

dr todd bunning office image functional medicine 01

"I started seeing Dr Todd from the beginning. He has changed my life and now I can see him changing my employees life."

- Michael Bunning

"Sitting at my desk all day looking at a screen my neck and back always hurt. Dr. Todd helps with that pain and giving me tips to being healthier."

- Martin Jones

"Dr. Todd's approach is different than other chiropractors he focuses on the whole body and my entire health."

- Marisa Chaffey

"Dr Todd helps find the root cause of my symptoms and finds ways to manage them."

- Lyubov + Vitaly Guzuvaty

"Going to other doctors you hear generic advise but Dr Todd takes an interest in my life and how to improve my life."

- Lori Ridlon

"I used to only come in to be adjusted. My family tried the functional medicine, now we live Dr Todd's lifestyle medicine daily."

- Liz Skutley

"I’ve been seeing Dr Todd for almost 15 years. I started off seeing him for my chronic low back pain. Through the years of my treatment, I would talk to Dr Todd about my mysterious symptoms that would come and go in my body. They were symptoms I had a hard time describing. It wasn’t related to my back. It was the way I felt. Fatigue, extreme brain fog and just felt like I couldn’t get out of my own way. Dr Todd recommended I do some lab work. I was hesitant to run labs because I was worried what we would find on my results. I knew the way I felt wasn’t normal and I always felt my primary medical doctor was brushing my symptoms under the rug, I finally got tired of the way I felt and took my labs. Dr Todd discovered a lot when reviewing my lab results. I have a thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s. At this point I knew I wasn’t’ crazy. The symptoms I had been feeling for years were verified. Through changing my diet, implementing healthier lifestyle changes, and incorporating supplements, I began feeling better immediately. I was eating the wrong foods for my body. Through Dr Todd’s help I discovered I have multiple food and chemical sensitivities. Honestly, I never really knew why I would get an immediate headache when I went into Macy’s.  he taught me the connection my weak immune system was having against environmental chemicals. This one piece of knowledge has been everything to my healing and well-being. I have been meeting with Dr Todd and Monica for years now to help me manage my lifestyle and supplements to help me feel by best. Monica has helped me with healthy cooking techniques, helped detox my home and encourages me to stay motivated in living the healthiest lifestyle to feel my best. Thank you, Dr Todd and Monica, I don’t know where I would be today without you guys."

- Maria R.


"I have some serious spinal injuries. I trust Dr. Todd so much to help improve my life."

- Felicia Fry

"I put my body through a lot from the Marines to Martial arts. Dr. Todd is a humous guy and makes me feel welcomed. He holds me together very well."

- Dominic C

"I was having a lot of back pain and came to see Dr Todd to treat that pain. I was very drained all the time and figured it was work. Functional medicine has turned my life around."

- Doralyn Mcpeak

dr todd bunning office image 04

"I have been a patient of Dr. Todd's for 15 years. I would be living my life in incredible pain if it weren't for his expertise in both his chiropractic ability and wellness care because of a ski injury and car accident. While at a business event, I sprained my neck. Went to urgent care after getting off the plane where they prescribed pain meds (did not help) and muscle relaxers (helped a little). After putting me on e-stem and the roller table, Dr. Todd adjusted my neck. I walked out of his office pain-free! Another instance, Dr. Todd sent me in for blood work. My thyroid numbers were extremely high and I couldn't take meds due to side effects. He put me on homeopathy help for my thyroid. My follow-up blood work came back normal! Kudos to Dr. Todd!"

- Sherry Anderson

"I have known Dr. Todd for 12 years and he has helped me treat my entire body not just my back pain."

- Laura Mayhew

"I was not happy with my previous chiropractor and Dr. Todd has taken an interest in helping me feel better. I did not know at first how functional medicine would help me feel better."

- Jennifer Messerschmidt

"It has been nice having Dr. Todd at my work and makes it easier for me to do my job. It has encouraged me to take care of myself."

- Monica Santa

"Sitting all day long is irritating. Dr Todd has helped me so much."

- Danielle Milner

"Personally Dr Todd has took care of me and my family. Now I have him take care of my employees."

- Dan Koukol

"I have been seeing Dr Todd for over three years. Having him treat us at work is super beneficial."

- Brady Nations


"I was referred to Back On Track 2 Wellness by my husband. He has been seeing Dr Todd for 8 years now. I suffer from Thyroid problems and have for over 20 years now. I had just had our first child and I was not doing well. I was extremely tired and had postpartum depression really bad. While being in Dr Todd’s office one day, my husband noticed an article he wrote describing how specific lifestyle and nutritional changes can positively impact the way you feel when dealing with thyroid issues. He came home and told me about what he learned and asked me to please consider calling Dr. Todd. I was feeling so bad and couldn’t figure out what to do so I finally called him. I scheduled a consultation. I met with Dr. Todd and Monica. After my meeting I learned so much about what I was eating to helpful tips of how I can take care of myself through my lifestyle. Through future appointment’s at Back On Track 2 Wellness I learned Diet Recommendations that work for me as long as lifelstyle modifications to improve my heatlh. I am forever greatful for Dr.Todd and Monica and all they taught me! I have referred my mom and brother to them as well as my best friend."

- Lyndsay M.

"I have been with Dr. Todd for almost 16 years. I went through a lot of programs with him to help me with being a golfer."

- Bill Nickels

"It has been over 15 years since I first saw Dr. Todd. He has helped my mom and I knew he could help me with my hip pain. His lifestyle medicine approach has been the best change for my life."

- Stacy Robken

"Back on Track has been an amazing addition to my life. I am so thankful to Dr Todd."

- Laura Galvan