Ultimate Health: Synergistic Benefits of Chiropractic Care and Functional Medicine


The human body works as a complex system, with organs and internal processes working together to protect your health. Because the body is made up of interconnected processes, a siloed approach to healthcare limits the results patients can achieve. Too often, medical providers are so focused on symptoms that they don’t see the bigger picture.

Instead of finding the quickest way to hide the symptoms, it’s better to look at the root cause and re-establish balance in the body – and that’s where chiropractic care and functional medicine come into the picture. This dual approach addresses the human body as a whole, helping to achieve long-lasting health in every aspect of your life.

Synergistic Nature of Chiropractic Care and Functional Medicine

Both chiropractic care and functional medicine are beneficial on their own, but combining these two methods can be a powerful solution for health. These modalities work hand-in-hand to optimize health and improve overall balance in the body:

  • Chiropractic Care: Specific Chiropractic adjustments address a variety of neuromusculoskeletal issues in the spine and extremities. By assessing and improving the function of a person’s body, it’s possible to find the underlying causes that are impacting poor health. Chiropractic adjustments help to improve alignment, function, posture, and these services are optimized when paired with functional medicine to address other lifestyle factors.
  • Functional Medicine: Aligning the bones and muscles provides undeniable benefits throughout the body. But the healing is limited when patients aren’t implementing diet and lifestyle changes outside of the chiropractic office. Dr. Todd integrated functional medicine into his practice to fill the need for a holistic approach to addressing health concerns. Functional medicine treats the individual as a whole, using six pillars that address the most common lifestyle elements affecting a person’s health.

It’s easy to see how chiropractic care and functional medicine go hand-in-hand. Think about it this way: functional medicine addresses the whole-body system, and chiropractic care is one method that can be included in a comprehensive functional medicine approach.


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More Than Spinal Adjustments

While spinal adjustments are a standard part of chiropractic care, there are many other components available through chiropractic services. The doctor and patient work together to piece the symptoms and clues happening throughout the body. Then, physical adjustments can be combined with lifestyle management to support the natural functions within the body.

Ultimately, combining functional medicine and chiropractic services look at the individuality of each patient. Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach to reduce symptoms, the goal is to recognize the underlying factors that need to be addressed. Through this process, it’s possible to take it beyond disease management – and help patients maximize their overall vitality.

Should You Visit a Functional Medicine Doctor?

Whether you want to overcome chronic issues or are looking to optimize your health, a functional medicine doctor can be a great partner to have in your health journey. Talk to Dr. Todd for a more personalized approach that addresses your unique healthcare needs. Call Back On Track 2 Wellness to book an appointment: (916) 782-3141.

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Dr. Todd W. Bunning, DC, PC

Dr. Todd W. Bunning’s chiropractic and functional medicine services reach far beyond the local Roseville area, with webcam consultations available for patients in any location. With 17 years of Private Practice experience, Dr. Todd continues to focus on the individual: science-based methods to address whole-body health factors.

Dr. Todd’s education didn’t stop when he graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in 2003. Today, he’s continuing to receive training and is chipping away on numerous post-graduate degree programs. This unique blend of clinical health investigation and Lifestyle Medicine application helps people of all ages find the underlying factors that result in chronic disease.

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