Modern Chiropractic Part 1: How Midback Misalignments Affect Health and Disease


This is Part 1 of our 3-part series on how subluxations play a role in overall health, including organ function and disease management. Watch for our upcoming blog posts – Part 2 about neck misalignment, and Part 3 about low back alignment.

The human body is an intricate system, made up of smaller parts that work together in countless ways. One of the most important things we can learn from Functional Medicine is that all components within the body are connected – from head to toe. When these systems are balanced and working together, then you have homeostasis and health. When things go off balance, then it can cause a domino effect of health issues that disrupt your life.

Chiropractic Care and Functional Medicine treats the entire body, and it is centralized on the piece that holds it all together: the spine. When there are misalignments, known as subluxations, then these relatively small issues can have a profound impact on seemingly unrelated aspects of your health. Realigning the spine could be key to clearing up chronic health issues.

Modern Chiropractic Care is About Full-Body Well-Being

While chiropractic services are great for pain management and injury recovery, these adjustments are doing much more than managing muscle and joint pain. A common misconception about the industry is that chiropractic services are for pain, so there’s no need for chiropractic adjustments unless you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain.

The truth is that improving alignment can help with overall health and wellness. Organs and life-sustaining systems are intricately tied in with the nervous system and spinal column. Dr. Todd has a bigger picture in mind, looking outside of the chiropractic pain model. Even if your back is feeling great, there are opportunities for health support by addressing the nuances in the spine that might be affecting organ and system function.

This focus on 21st-century chiropractic care is a personalized approach to addressing all structural and functional systems within the body. The key is to see how much the long-term health benefits of chiropractic adjustments can benefit all interconnected systems.


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How Spinal Alignment Affects Other Body Systems

The major organs and spinal column are connected through the nervous system, with nerve signals that move from the brain to the organs – and back again. When there is a subluxation in the middle back (thoracic spine), it could disrupt this communication pathway. Bringing the spine back into alignment can help to improve brain to organ communication, which has a positive impact on the function of those organs.

Here is an overview of how your midback spine could be playing a role in other health systems:

  1. Heart: The heart, coronary arteries, and heart valves are connected to the T2 vertebra. Symptoms of this subluxation might include constriction, pain, or tightness in the chest.
  2. Lungs: As we move down the midback vertebra, the next in line is T3. These subluxations can be associated with bronchitis, congestion, and pneumonia.
  3. Liver: Low blood pressure, anemia, and liver conditions are symptoms that there could potentially be a subluxation in T5 that needs to be addressed.
  4. Digestive System: Potential digestive issues might occur from spinal misalignments, such as diarrhea, IBS, GERD, and general abdominal discomfort. For example, the T6 vertebra could affect heartburn and digestion.
  5. Adrenal Glands: When adrenals are out of balance, it has an undeniable impact on energy levels and overall vitality. The connection between the adrenals and T9 means that the right spinal adjustment could affect adrenal function.
  6. Immune System: Evidence has been found that shows how much open nerve pathways are important for supporting the natural mechanisms for fighting illness. Chiropractic care can positively impact nerve function, which could boost your immune system by as much as 200%!

With any health condition, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to resolve the symptoms. Chiropractic care is often an integral part that works with other medical services to restore balance, which helps to optimize health.

Building a Healthy Body by Focusing on the Enteric Motor System

When we are talking about overall health, everything points back to the gut. Healthy digestion, a balanced microbiome, and well-functioning organs are critical for nutrient absorption and supporting immune function. These elements of health affect every other system in the body, which is why it’s important to understand the connection between the enteric motor system and digestion/immunity.

The vagus nerve runs from the brain to the gut, linking the central nervous system to major visceral organs. It’s the regulator of immune function and metabolic homeostasis. It’s a major part of the parasympathetic nervous system and can help to manage inflammation within the body.

Chiropractic adjustments can help to support vagus nerve function. Not only can you benefit from in-office treatments, but Dr. Todd can also offer recommendations for at-home exercises that strengthen these connections and support the vagus nerve and the entire enteric motor system.

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